• State of the art CNC lathes
    State of the art CNC lathes
  • Outstanding machining capabilities
    Outstanding machining capabilities
  • Custom CNC Machining
    Custom CNC Machining
  • Flexible, powerful & precise
    Flexible, powerful & precise

Welcome to Röchling Machined Plastics

Röchling Machined Plastics specializes in heavy walled olefins, polypropylene, acetal, nylon and UHMW machined parts. The outstanding machining capabilities of Röchling include: curves, chain guides, sprockets, heavy walled machined profiles, 2D parts and CNC router parts.

Röchling Machined Plastics supports the North American electrical apparatus manufacturers utilizing CNC equipment and state of the art dust collection to fabricate thermoset materials for the electrical industry.

The latest state of the art equipment such as CNC lathes, turning capabilities, multi-head shapers, 3-axis CNC routers and profile cutters enable Röchling to provide high quality prototypes as well as large production runs.

Röchling also has been manufacturing Lignostone® Transformerwood for 95 years. Röchling Machined Plastics is the oldest subsidiary with over 30 years fabrication experience of all Röchling product.


Röchling Machined Plastics now also machines LubX CV - the new benchmark for sliding materials

LubX CV the new benchmark for sliding materials!

Röchling has now developed LubX® CV - a groundbreaking material solution for your sliding...


Finished Parts: Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry!

Röchling Machined Plastics has been providing high quality plastic parts to a wide variety of...


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Röchling is a member of TRANSFORM - A unique network of leading global suppliers in the field of power transformers. TRANSFORM Americas 2017 will take place in Orlando (FL), USA, from June 7-9, 2017.